• Pression maximale 250 bars
  • Série standard étendue
  • Sur demande, plaque avant guidée pour la prise en charge d'outils
  • Délais de livraison rapides
  • Programme de stock important
  • Tiges de piston trempées et rectifiées
  • Courses standard 50mm, 75mm, 100mm
  • 2, 3 ou 4 colonnes-guides
  • Différents types de fixations
  • Utilisation essentiellement en tant qu'outil d'ébavurage ou de coupe
  • Une référence développée par AHP Merkle

Programme de livraison express

  • Price benefit of at least five percent
  • 24 piston diameters and stroke combinations available
  • Maximum operating pressure 250 bar
  • Piston rods ground and hardened
  • Standard strokes 50mm, 75mm, 100mm
  • 2, 3 or 4 columns
  • Series: BSE and BSE XL
  • Multiple mounting options available
  • Use primarily as deburring or cutting tool
  • Developed into the standard by AHP Merkle

Aperçu vérins blocs programme de livraison rapide :




Le pousseur BSE250 se base sur le vérin-bloc éprouvé de AHP. Il est disponible avec des diamètres de piston de 20 à 100 mm.

Le pousseur ZSE250 se base sur le vérin standard éprouvé HZ250 de AHP. Il est disponible avec des diamètres de piston de 40 à 80 mm.



Two functions in one component

The push unit is a typical example of the customer-oriented and needs-driven further development of proven » hydraulic cylinders by AHP Merkle. The push unit embodies two functions in one component and is basically nothing else than a block cylinder with integrated guide columns. An additional cylinder mounting thus becomes unnecessary. 

Push units provide directed application of force. The large guide lengths in the cylinder of the push unit absorb external transverse forces. Due to the compact design and the high quality standard, the push unit is a favored standard element for the special-purpose machines and tool construction. You save space and money!

Another plus: Piston rods and guide columns are hardened, ground and hard chrome plated. Special strippers protect guide and cylinder against dirt. The push units can be equipped and delivered with position switches and switching flags. Stroke-independent parts are manufactured in series. Thus, their exchangeability is best ensured. AHP Merkle offers various piston diameters and strokes as required. Cylinders for an ambient temperature of 180 °C are also available.

Benefit from quick delivery times and » configure your cylinder in the quick delivery program. This is how we guarantee our customers in tool construction, mold construction and mechanical engineering the highest possible flexibility, safety and application diversity