• Angle de rotation de 0° à 720°
  • Couple jusqu'à 1400 Nm
  • Diamètres de piston de 25 à 100 mm

Rotary Drive Units generate very high torgues

Rotary Drive Units are » hydraulic cylinders that generate very high torques of up to 1,400 nm. AHP Merkle Rotary Drive Units are able to generate these high rotary motions thanks to a hydraulically operated rack and pinion. This kind of kinematics is therefore not comparable with that of hydraulic motors.

AHP Merkle Rotary Drive Units are available with rotation angles ranging between 0° and 720°. In addition, there are various options available for the shaft ends, for example the spline shaft profile in accordance with DIN ISO 14. Shaft ends with fitted keys are the standard version.

AHP Merkle rotary actuators are characterised by 100% quality in their development, design and manufacture.