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The new and expanded edition of our comprehensive product catalogue is now abvailable for download. The new 3.0 combines many new products:

  • MHZ 160 in the section Standard cylinder, beginning on page 5/72
  • BZN 250 in the section Block cylinder, beginning on page 1/60
  • Series connection box in the section Accessories, beginning on page 16/22

Alternatively you can » order your personal and free copy of the 3.0 here.


Catalogue Téléchargement
newVérin-bloc» PDF 9.90 MB
newVérin d'estampage» PDF 1.05 MB
newVérin-bloc cylindrique» PDF 877 KB
newPousseur» PDF 2.72 MB
newVérin standard» PDF 5.41 MB
newVérin normalisé» PDF 1.23 MB
newVérin hydraulique avec guidage extérieur» PDF 429 KB
newVérins à course réduite» PDF 536 KB
newVérin fileté» PDF 342 KB
newUnité tire-noyau» PDF 381 KB
newVérin à collet» PDF 432 KB
newVérin à double tube» PDF 585 KB
newEléments de bridage» PDF 515 KB
newServomoteur rotatif» PDF 322 KB
newAccessories» PDF 837 KB
newComplete Catalog» PDF 26 MB