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AHP Merkle GmbH
Nägelseestr. 39
79288 Gottenheim

phone: +49 7665 4208-0
fax: +49 7665 4208-88

Solar Park

Merkle Solar Park

Here at the Gottenheim location, in the midst of the warmest region of Germany, the Merkle Solar Park with a module area of 1,850 m2 has been in operation since May 2011. 

Thanks to the clean power of the sun, the plant generates around 240,000 kWh of environmentally friendly energy – year for year! This allows us to supply about 65 four-person households with electricity and eliminate over 133 tons of CO2 per year! 

The Merkle Solar Park stands fully in the tradition of the Merkle family. Since the foundation of the company, we have been committed to the values sustainability and responsibility. We want to make a measurable contribution to the environment so that our children can continue to enjoy it in the future.

Solar display panel

Daily readings of the Merkle Solar Park in Gottenheim. 
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